Friday, August 17, 2012

it's the little things...

every single time i walk past our kitchen, the oozy goo stuck between the oven door & the glass inside haunts me. you know, where the vents are on the top of the oven door, and anytime you let something boil over (ahem...which is never) it seeps down the cracks?
the sunshine coming through our slider seems to catch it just right, making the goo glisten, and look ever so much more noticable. 

i have been meaning to give it a good scrubbing for months.  every time we have company over(no matter how clean the rest of my kitchen is), i can feel people's eyes being drawn in like a tractor beam to the ooey goo.  though i know that is really does bother me.

although today was a beautifully sunny day, i decided today would be the day i defeat the goo.  besides...the boys were getting along especailly well and i most certainly couldn't pass up the opprotunity. 

in order to actually get to the inside piece of glass (at least on my oven), you literally have to disassemble the entire oven door. now here's where i should have taken my husbands advice. 

whenever he takes something apart, he takes pictures of it step-by-step with his iphone.  i figured i had it covered.  i was wrong.  i got out the drill and started unscrewing.  twenty screws later...i had the door scattered around the kitchen floor in pieces. 

i scrubbed and scrubbed, scraping all the goo off with a razor blade.  it looked marvelous!

then came the putting-it-back-together part.  that...not as easy as i thought. it took me almost two hours to put the darn thing together.  but i did it. 

i can't help but smile to myself when i walk past the perfectly clean oven door.  free from goo and least for now.  what an accomplished day in the severs' household.  it certainly is the little things in life...

now here's to hoping that one last screw i ended up with, wasn't too important! :)


  1. This makes me giggle! I love you!! Good work putting it back together. I would be begging Kyle to help as he laughed from the corner of the kitchen.

  2. What an accomplishment! I'm super impressed :) My goo is waiting on the side of the fridge between it and the wall AND under the hood over the stove...uhg...but you've given me some inspiration! Hope you guys are doing great!! :)